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Family means safety.  

While so much seems tumultuous and scary these days, our work at Desi Rainbow Parents and Allies has been steadfastly focused on a crucial task: ensuring safety for families as they navigate their journeys together.


I thank you for your courage, for your role in building safety for South Asian LGBTQ people and their families, and for your trust in Desi Rainbow to be a leader in this work. 


After almost 5 years of operating as a completely volunteer run initiative, Desi Rainbow has undertaken the next step in our own journey -- incorporating as a nonprofit organization with paid staff. 


Thanks to your support, we have accomplished the following: 


  • Healing trauma through our ongoing monthly support groups. As virtual spaces in this era of a global pandemic, support groups serve as a lifeline for parents as they seek to understand their LGBTQ child’s feelings, gain skills for speaking to extended family and community in order to build a supportive environment, and express the sadness, anger and confusion they may be feeling.


  • Building family for those yearning for safety and support through our LGBTQ+ support group, where parents and allies, who have received training to provide support, join LGBTQ+ community members for a unique, intergenerational dialogue. 


  • Building community for those who feel marginalized through targeted speaker series  and celebrations. 


We expand allyship by doing the crucial work of creating a non-judgemental space where parents of South Asian LGBTQ individuals can learn without shame, surrounded by love and compassion.  DRPA has also been able to provide key support to parents to speak in mainstream settings, thereby increasing visibility — and hope — for our communities. An ally recently noted,“It was so heartwarming for me to see so many supportive parents on the call -- maybe I knew intellectually that not all South Asian parents would reject their LGBT+ kids but I don't think I believed it until I saw and heard from them."


To read more about our work in the previous year, click here


I invite you to become one of Desi Rainbow Parent and Allies donors — and support the continuation of this unprecedented and urgent work.

We have ambitious plans — plans that will become a reality thanks to your support and financial contributions. 


Here are three programs that are in the works:


  • Desi Rainbow Buddy program:  Desi Rainbow intends to be a safe space in as many different ways possible for our communities. We’ve been listening to some of our support group attendees over the years, who have expressed that they feel more comfortable speaking one-on-one with another person who can provide guidance and reassurance as they navigate their feelings. Desi Rainbow will begin training folks who sign up as a “Rainbow Buddy” to be assigned to those seeking this type of individualized support. 

  • Needs assessment: While you may have heard the saying, “show me the numbers!’ — unfortunately, data is severely lacking when it comes to South Asian communities overall, and particularly parents of LGBTQ children and those South Asian LGBTQ children themselves. Desi Rainbow has already had initial talks with the national Desi Queer Helpline (“DeQH”) and members of the South Asian Public Health Association about designing a community-led and managed needs assessment study, in order to capture crucially needed data on the mental health of our communities. 

  • Cultural competence training - Creating safety for South Asian LGBTQ individuals and their families is important for the many different spaces our communities belong to, both inside and outside the home. Desi Rainbow will develop curricula and training workshops to be held at houses of worship, doctors offices, schools and workplaces, in order to build a welcoming space for South Asian LGBTQ communities. 


Your contributions will make these exciting plans come to fruition! I invite you to make a gift today at a level that is comfortable for you — it is all helpful!


Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies is fiscally sponsored by South Asian Amer­i­cans Lead­ing Togeth­er (SAALT), a nation­al, non­par­ti­san, non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tion that fights for racial jus­tice and advo­cates for the civ­il rights of all South Asians in the Unit­ed States.  All donations to Desi Rainbow through the SAALT web portal are tax deductible.


Once again, I can’t thank you enough for your support and participation which brings DRPA to this exciting juncture. I’m thrilled and can’t wait to bring you along as a donor to our next stage of growth. 



Aruna Rao
Desi Rainbow Parents and Allies