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Facebook Group Admin


Desi Rainbow’s social team is composed of people who understand our most important pillars: support, education, & advocacy. As the most public facing part of the organization, we focus on:

  • creating impact and awareness through educational resources,

  • sharing regular updates about Desi Rainbow’s events and programs,

  • and creating a reach to members of the LGBTQ+ Community, especially those of South Asian descent, and their families.


This position requires:

  • the ability to use your knowledge about issues facing the LGBTQ+ Folx,

  • the ability to use your knowledge about the South Asian culture and the issues facing the South Asian community,

  • a strong desire and willingness to create an accepting and an equal world,

  • and a self-drive and motivation to advance Desi Rainbow’s mission.


  • Managing our Facebook Group, including membership requests and codes of conduct.

  • Keeping engagement in the FB Group through posts, videos, surveys, and other ideas.

  • Making sure Facebook page posts are reposted into the Facebook Group.

  • Making sure members adhere to Group code of conduct.

  • Making sure privacy is respected and maintained at all times.


  • Understanding of social media presence of the South Asian/Queer Community.

  • Understanding & desire to learn about LGBTQ+ Issues, Terminology, & Culture.

  • Understanding & desire to learn about South Asian Cultural Challenges.

  • Understanding of Facebook interface, growth trends, community, and standards.

  • Understanding of Facebook Groups.


Email the following list of items below to volunteer@desirainbow.org with the mail subject "Facebook Group Admin"

  • A cover letter (200 to 400 words) describing why you wish to volunteer with Desi Rainbow and why you are the perfect volunteer for this position.

  • Samples of your work! IG Reels, TikToks, Youtube videos, your cat’s Instagram account, your blog, your reel, anything you want us to see.

  • At least two references of people/organizations who can vouch for you. Please mention their name, phone number, email and briefly describe your association with them. At least one of them has to be from a professional/academic/volunteer setting. Please do let them know in advance that we might be reaching out to them.

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