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Proud Possibilities

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The term "possibility model" was suggested by actress and trans activist Laverne Cox, who said she didn't want to be a role model, she preferred the term “possibility model”. So when Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies decided to feature conversations with LGBTQIA+ people who are building relationships, families, communities, we called the program "Proud Possibilities." While we certainly believe the people featured are possibility models for the LGBTQIA+ community, our purpose is to show parents and allies of Desi LGBTQIA+ kids that there are many possibility models for our children's future. 


Check out our Calendar for upcoming events. 

Desi Rainbow is excited to bring you a new season of Proud Possibilites in 2023! 

Join us for an enlightening conersation with Keerti about her experiences of the transformative effects of gender-affirming healthcare. Registration is required and available here

Meanwhile, watch all our inspirational interviews from Proud Possibilities complied on our YouTube channel.

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To support Proud Possibilities and our efforts to build acceptance and allyship in the Desi community, follow this link to donate:

Ep. 10: Ruth Vanita

This episode features Ruth Vanita in conversation with Parag and Vaibhav. 

Ep. 10: Sunu Chandy

This episode features Sunu Chandy in conversation with Jacob and Sujatha. 

Ep. 9: Surbhi Sahni 

This episode features Surbhi Sahni in conversation with Zara and Mahereen. 

Ep. 8: Priya Arora and Reema

This episode features Priya Arora & Reema in conversation with Stephen & Sridevi. 

Ep. 7: Ben Haseen

This episode features Ben Haseen in conversation with Jesse & Rahul. 

Ep. 5: Celia Sandhya Daniels & Sasha

This episode features Celia Sandhya Daniels and Sasha in conversation with Kingston.

Ep. 6: Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal

This episode features Congresswoman Jayapal in conversation with Akshara & Rayman. 

Ep. 4: Anjali Rimi & Gauri K

This episode features Anjali Rimi and her mom Gauri K in conversation with Balan and Pallavi.

Ep. 3: Feroza Syed

This episode features Feroza Syed in conversation with Manjula and Akshara.

Ep. 2: Sapna & Sahar with Saira Kiran

This episode features Sapna and Sahar and their child Saira Kiran, in conversation with Anitha and Swetha.

This episode, in association with QDASA, features Colin and Andrew, in conversation with Dilip, Madhu & Kalpana.

In this conversation, Apurva discusses his personal journey as an Out and Proud Gay Man, his 13 year old relationship with his partner Sid, his filmmaking journey, and most importantly his advocacy for LGBTQ rights in India and abroad.

Proud Possibilities With Anjali Rimi
Proud Possibilities with Feroza Syed
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