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Ask Me Anything

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The monthly Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies Allyship Group supports straight, cisgender Desi allies who want to learn how to stand with the LGBTQIA+ community in building inclusive, affirming community spaces. We see this group of family members, friends and neighbors as the key to changing hearts and minds in the Desi community and beyond.

The Ask Me Anything discussion series focuses on lived experience of LGBTQIA+ people and their families through frank and open discussions. Every session will be a new topic.

Our groups are led by volunteers who are themselves LGBTQ+ or parents and allies. While guest experts may be invited to speak on certain topics, we do not provide advice or medical information. Topics may vary, the focus of the group is to learn to increase acceptance of LGBTQ+ people by their parents and families.

Ask Me Anything with Meera Mohan-Graham!


On Tuesday, May 18th at 9pm ET, 8pm CT and 6pm PT we invite our Allies to an Ask Me Anything discussion with Meera Mohan-Graham, a coach, artist and writer. Meera is also a queer Desi married to her soul mate - a white, trans man. Learn more at


Our topic for the May 18th Allyship Group Meeting is the Finding Belonging

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Description provided by Meera:

So much of my journey as a queer desi centered around a yearning for belonging. I feared losing my sense of belonging, worried that I would never belong anywhere, and grappled with my familial and cultural notions around belonging. Let's talk candidly about what belonging really means, and what it means to belong to ourselves.


Tuesday, May 18th | 9pm EST
Ask Me Anything: Finding Belonging

Join Meera in a discussion about what belonging really means, and what it means to belong to ourselves.

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